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I've always wanted to have chickens... //chicken coop with a roof garden....If I ever had chickens they would have a garden on their roof and funky colors on their little house.

Green roof on chicken coop IMG_2478 by jacksonoffice2003, via Flickr

diy for building and planting a living roof on the coop. other examples here too

This may be my favorite design so far...seems like it would be easy to build and I love the green roof.

Create a garden roof on your chicken coop! It helps keep the coop cool in summer and warmer in winter, and looks gorgeous. What a fabulous idea - wish I had thought of it first!

The web page includes a link to a how-to for the green roof. I think this is a prefab coop!

How to Build Your Own Living Roof Chicken Coop -- Rebecca Nickols in Missouri wrote an inspiring article for the Community Chickens blog with step-by-step photos so you can learn how to create a similar coop. What fun!

green roof chicken coop. If this was on wheels it would be perfect

Small farm animals complex (mini horse, pig, rabbits, and chickens all live in this structure!) - Dorothee Schumacher's home « the selby

chicken coop...with an herb garden on excuse to break out the power tools AND have chickens AND fresh herbs???? Count me in!!!

Keeping Backyard Chickens & Green Roof Coop Design - Simplified Bee