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  • Summer Matthews

    Edible Homemade Finger paint Made with flour, sugar, salt, and food coloring this would be OK for the toddlers. Finger paint Kids Edible Finger paint

  • Maddie Baird

    Great craft idea for this summer!

  • Jocelyn Spence

    Edible Homemade Fingerpaint: flour, sugar, salt, and food coloring This looks so awesome for kids @Kim Phillips

  • Shannon Sungur

    Kids Activity: Edible Homemade Fingerpaint. Sugar, flour, salt, food coloring, plastic cups.

  • Kayla Williams

    Kids Activity: Homemade Edible Paint

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Safe, non-toxic (edible, but not tasty) paints for the little ones to go nuts with. This sounds fun and easy, also combines a tactile element that they should enjoy. From www.theimaginatio...

edible finger paint... 1 cup Flour (cornstarch works great too, but use 1/2 the amount, so in this recipe 1/2 cup) 2 cups Water Food coloring Optional: 3 Tbs Sugar Directions: Mix water and flour over low/medium heat. Stir for about 5 minutes, or until you have a thick mixture. Separate into containers and add food coloring. Let cool, paint away!

edible finger paint #toddler #crafts - it worked well (used gel food coloring and fage greek yogurt). 21 month old didn't quite get the concept of finger painting and wanted to eat it instead :)

Easy non-toxic homemade finger paint recipe! Theimaginationtre... great and SAFE craft ideas for babies and toddlers!

Homemade Edible Finger Paint ~ totally edible and completely non-toxic, and the best part is it was so easy to make ~ you have ywo kids...what could they love more?... and you have a husband, the kids have a bed-time, I'm sure you two could come up with a "fun" way to use-up the ", no answer, that falls under..."TMI"

How pretty are these neon finger paints? My kids had so much fun color mixing and drawing with these. The taste safe neon paints are perfect for babies and toddlers, who still like to sneak ...

Homemade edible finger paint * 2 cups of corn corn starch * 1 cup of cold water * 4.5 cups of boiling water * Liquid food coloring If the paint remains liquid and doesn't thicken up simply add up to 1 more cup of cornstarch.

Cook your own homemade FINGER paint! 1/2 cup cornstarch ■ 3 Tbsp. sugar ■ 1/2 tsp. salt ■ 2 cups cold water ■ food coloring

Skip the finger paints in plastic tubs - Make your own non-toxic edible paint at home!

The Imagination Tree: Homemade Edible Finger Paint -- 4 all edible ingredients! Planning on doing this with Will soon. Blog author has a 6-month old painting - SO FUN!