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  • Zayra Luna

    Coffe art

  • Pam Dewey

    Coffee Stain Art: "Coffee is an amazing medium for art, and this coffee stain portrait by Hong Yi is no exception. The Malaysian artist uses the base of a coffee cup as her brush and coffee as her ink, creating super-sized masterpieces like this close-up of musician Jay Chou. It took Hong Yi about 12 hours to make this coffee stain portrait on Valentine's Day."

  • R Yoshihiro Ueda

    Giant Portrait with Coffe Cup Stains

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Jay Chou Portrait with Coffee Cup Stains see process at

Red Hong's Coffee Cup Ring Drawings | Man Made DIY | Crafts for Men | Keywords: art, coffee, drawing, hong

"Shanghai-based artist Hong Yi, a/k/a "Red Hong" enjoys drawing with anything but traditional drawing utensils, having used sunflower seeds, ketchup, milk, and salt, among other things. Her latest work is a portrait of Taiwanese pop star Jay Chou drawn using coffee cup rings."

A portrait made with coffee stains from a coffee cup! The piece is by Red. She does her paintings using all but brushes and regular canvases. Really cool. Her blog here:

Strong Coffee Poster red by howfab on Etsy, $12.00

** The PopDot Artist ** @AlabamaBYRD join me on Twitter & be my Friend on FaceBook --> BIG BYRD SMILES & HUGS & PRAYERS TO ALL IN NEED EVERYWHERE (")< Chirp Chirp

Some of us need our coffee everyday, but Hong Yi needs her coffee for a different reason.