• Hannah Wattie

    Dog Lovers | Yeah, pretty much.

  • Donna Kay

    Doggies are the best. True story.

  • Shweta Manjrekar

    All I want is,to pet all of the DOGS | 32 Childhood Signs That You Would Always Be Obsessed With Animals

  • Meghan Hewitt

    its all i want to do. i told nick i was getting this as a tattoo

  • Rania Sembiring

    quote. all i want to is to pet all of the dogs. yes its true!

  • Kaitlyn Carnes

    Silver Sprocket Store: All I Want Is To Pet All Of The Dogs - too bad it's just a sticker...I want this on a sweatshirt. Wouldn't it be adorable as a toddler t-shirt? They really really! want to pet all the doggies, now!!

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Eat. Play... All you need to be happy!

Get out and play!

Very true for any vet tech out there!

Life is too short not to adopt a dog.

Pet Quote

Pet Quote

"Live life at the end of the leash."

“The more I learn about people, the more I like my dog.” — Mark Twain

a heart...a smile...a touch ♥

So true!

Great attitude!

Be the person.


Keep Calm and Love Dogs ♥

Quote by Josh Billings

great #words for #doglovers. (#dogs)

Yes I do

If there are no dogs in heaven...

Don't Stop Playing!