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I'm skipping the card aisle next time and giving a Money Balloons instead. How many kids love a birthday card?? How many kids love BALLOONS??

Cash is king! Looking for a creative way to give the gift of money? Checkout these fun ideas!

Money gift idea!!!

Graduation gift!!! Rolled up dollar bills/candy in a mason jar. Topped with a graduation cap and ribbon :)

Balloons filled with water, inserting a glow stick then placing in a white women's stocking! Really cool idea for an outdoor event!

Cool I want this cake!

Money gift

Long distance birthday gift for my 13 year old son. He was born on the thirteenth so there were 13 balloons all labeled with a number. His instructions were to pop 1 balloon per day all the way up to the big 13. Each balloon contained a different denomination of $$$ and lots of confetti; so when he popped it, it was like a mini party each day :) He LOVED it! Plus it was super cheap to mail to Florida!!!!

How To Make A Money Cake

Money gift gift-inspiration

Fill balloons with candy instead of pinatas! LOVE THIS!

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Birthday Wreath

Easy Idea For The Ceiling - Use plastic table covers and balloons to create an inexpensive yet adorable ceiling treatment...

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Fill, Inflate + Enjoy! This DIY Confetti Balloon Kit contains twelve clear 11 balloons, one packet of White/Metallic confetti, and instructions. We

Such an easy way to make glasses look great!