• Janitra Simioni

    Art Project Idea: Take a small square from the cover art of a caldecott award book and have kids expand the picture with their own drawing.

  • Karen Beck

    Cut out a picture from a newspaper or magazine and let your child expand it. Or use a photo of your child and let him draw the background. Love this idea!

  • Simply Dreaming

    Start with a magazine or newspaper clipping and let the child expand the picture! Love this idea. #drawing #art #project

  • Edupress

    Love this idea for sparking art projects! Extend by using the finished drawings as writing prompts!

  • Jaimie Gunderson

    Start with a magazine or newspaper clipping and let the child expand the picture. This could be a great story starter!

  • carla bauer

    Finish the picture. This is a great idea, instead of giving kids a blank piece of paper to draw or color on.

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