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    Kyuin Shim

    03.17.10:::Connect the Goddamn Dots by Richard Vergez, via Flickr

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    The more you connect, the less you connect

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    I sat in my bed, wrapped in the warm white sheets, to dry my cold, wet, body, after being shoved into the creek. I will never understand why other kids are such devils, especially the girls. I expected school to be so lovely, but it ended up being another curse to add to my long list. Life was feeling almost pointless at the time.

    Celebrating the little things. | 21 Comics That Capture The Frustrations Of Depression

    Míla Preslova - Wrapped Up, 2002. S)

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    Little Albert Experiment


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    Isamu Noguchi with Undine (1925) It's like Pygmalion.

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