We all know this Feeling :D

this is one of the most heart braking things in a long distance relationship . saying goodnight kisses and hugs but when it all skinks in that there not there is when you put your arms out and wanting to feel them laying there beside you .

And you'll definitely never need to have someone teach you this: | 23 Reminders That Life Will Never Be As Bad As It Was In Middle School

And you'll definitely never need to have someone teach you this:

Let's be honest: Middle School was THE WORST. Come relive the pain of the most awkward time in all our lives.


JON MOXLEY <-- Yes, seriously! I mean I have a fan crush on the dude and my friends are like "eww" o.O haha>>>>OMG so relatable


I'm the girl that always has her phone in her hands, headphones in her ears and that one guy on her mind. > Girl Quotes with Pictures.

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This use to be me and my best friend (Zack) and I miss him soooo much but he hates me now.


Omg, the other week I was on a field trip, I was waiting in line behind my crush and my bestie comes up and says ur girlfriend loves u Ever time I talk to crush with my friend around its not Abby its ur girlfriend! I laugh every time

Every good story stars with…

It is not odd to have crush on someone, we all get someone on our minds in college age, you like someone, you feel them and you fall for them, Below are some Crush Quotes on pictures which can relate to your feelings.