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Hey I'm Lily, I'm 17 from the uk 😊 I consider myself to be a very down to earth girl; you can decide that for yourself. I'm always here for you all and, If you ever need any advice please feel free to inbox me 💗🌸

This is an aesthetic blog run by a weird, geeky, gothic, genderfluid person. Enjoy! (I don't own any pictures posted here unless I specify that I own them) Requests are open! IMPORTANT: If you are going to donate, do not donate less than a dollar.

The way this world works makes me sick. More in Comments My Name is Jared :) lets follow one another? My throat is soooo soar. I have my Chemistry tutor coming at and Im currently excited for Friday :D I really want to get a lens like Jett .

Ka-thump; ka-thump; ka-thump. Increasing with the thought of you. I'm twenty four. MI and the lake by the same name. ENFP. People matter. There are stories all around; sometimes, we just have to make them up.

hi i'm Akmal and currently living in Malaysia i'm glad you made it this far today; you're loved Use UBER promo code " uber.tumblr " during register for FIRST FREE RIDE! » Follow my favourite blog here «

'If I know only one thing, it's that everything I see of the world outside is so inconceivable often I barely can speak.' - Fleet Foxes

Everyone chooses his color in life. Someone - sunny yellow, someone - cloudy grey, and some - depressingly black. Each of us is responsible for his choices, and each of us lives in his color-light... ___________ Elchin Safarli