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Hilyah shares 5 years of silaturrahim with Keluarga Warisan Haji Abdullah Mukhri (KWHAM)'s annual Family Days on 1 Muharram 2008-2012. MasyaAllah, we are very touched by our reseller Azmila's support to have Hilyah Muslimah Tshirts as the attire for the ladies & girls of her extended family for 5 years of gatherings. View other Hilyah Goes Places! Photos & stories .

Join our customers as they go places with their Hilyah Muslimah Tshirts!

Noorun Najah & Norfarhana in their Hilyah Muslimah Tshirts at Jabal Rahmah & Arafah during their umrah trip in May 2011. For more Hilyah Goes Places! Photos & stories, visit .

We are happy to share the joy of Puan Sarimah and her extended family during their family gathering on 2nd Hari Raya 2010 in Parit Buntar, Perak. The occasion was made more special for Hilyah when Puan Sarimah, 13 sisters & nieces made Hilyah Muslimah Tshirts their attire during the day. Share your Hilyah photo and get 3 Hilyah Muslimah Tshirts of your choice if you are featured on Hilyah Goes Places! Visit .

Hilyah goes to Universal Studios, Singapore with Haziqah and friends, who went on a back-packing holiday to Singapore during the Merdeka holidays 2012. Clad in Hilyah Muslimah Tshirts, they spent almost an entire day at the USS, enjoying the sights and rides. View other hilyah Goes Places photos & stories, visit .

Puan Nurbainun & her two lovely daughters in 5 designs of Hilyah Muslimah Tshirts, sightseeing in Paris in March 2012. Join Pn Bainun & our customers as they share their journeys & special occasions with Hilyah mislimah tshirts, visit .

Hilyah spent two sunny days in the beautiful sea-side town of Dahab, Sinai, Egypt with Puan Balkis & her niece, Inaz in December 2010. Although Dahab is famous for its pristine waters and a favourite site for scuba-diving, Puan Balkis and Inaz were just happy to go bicycling round the town and dip their feet in the Gulf of Aqaba. Join us at Hilyah Goes Places! & you may win 3 Hilyah Muslimah Tshirts! Visit .

With Puan Hazmimi in her Hilyah Muslimah Tshirt design Muna Blue sightseeing in the city of Guangzhou, China. View our customers going places with their Hilyah Muslimah Thsirts,visit .