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6 Gallon, Low Tech Betta Tank

Pretty awesome aquarium. I am a fan of bettas. Much better than keeping them in a little bowl. They need at least 3 gallons.

Common Betta Myths (by Patches a.k.a goldfishgal.tumbl...). Betta fish really do need a couple-gallon tank, a heater and water filter to live long, happy lives.

Glitter 'N Glue DIY Framed Fish Tank - Aquarium BETTA

This is what my Puffy looked like, except there was also pink and purple through his body and fins!

the sad truth, about betta fish care I recommend this for everyone who puts a betta in a small bowl or cup-this is very educational.

Bad idea for betas, but could be modified for shrimp... Upcycled Coffee Pot Aquariums - This DIY Betta Fish Tank Stays at a Consistently Warm Temperature (GALLERY)

Betta Fish Bowls {on a much, much, MUCH larger scale, this would be very cool. Betta, snails, maybe some other fish or some dwarf frogs in a 15 gallon with a makeshift acrylic 5 gallon vase of sorts with a cool plant in the middle. Some gravel, some caves and lucky bamboo maybe}

Rosetail (halfmoon) betta fish. So beautiful, I can't handle it!!!! How to make a MASSIVE INCOME from your HOBBY of breeding fish

Free photo letters. There are literally hundreds of each letter. You simply download for FREE and print from your own printer.

Fun Kid Project LETTER STICKERS *Stick on letters! *Paint… right over the letters! (We used all of the colors of the rainbow at the same time in this one- with regular finger-paint…*Add another layer of colors and/or put on extra handprints or baby footprints...