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90-9-1 rule usurped by 70-20-10? cc @Greg Whalin @Matt Trush

Online participation in communities of practice, the 90-9-1 rule

Swift Kick Central: Private Communities and Engagement - The 90-9-1 Rule

BBC - BBC Internet Blog: BBC Online Briefing Spring 2012: The Participation Choice http://www.bbc.co.uk/blogs/bbcinternet/2012/05/bbc_online_briefing_spring2012_participation.pdf

community engagement

Ten Principles for Managing the 90-9-1 phenonemon for online community engagement by Bang the Table via Slideshare

Evolving the Role of the Community Manager

Land of 1,000 Flowers: Content creation and engagement are great… mostly. http://community-roundtable.com/2012/03/six-risks-of-not-having-community-management/

student engagement

community-engagement-managing-communities-across-digital-embassies by Edelman Digital via Slideshare

Climbing the Ladder of Engagement with Influencers Infographic

Ladder of Engagement

Arnstein's ladder of citizen participation. One of my favourites.

Community Manager #infographic

Online Community Management Cheat Sheet

"In honor of Community Manager Appreciation Day we’ve prepped this infographic taking you inside the mind of today’s community manager."

Community Manager

90 9 1 rule for social media by Dr Augustine Fou via slideshare

Distribución desigual de la participación en blogs, comunidades, redes sociales, etc…: 90-9-1, algunas claves.

21 New Rules of Content Marketing http://www.icesugarmedia.com/content-marketing-consultants/