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Line Art Leaves Provide a template to trace. Students add veins and use patterns to complete each section.

Art Projects for Kids: The “What Am I?” Rubberband Project

Art Projects for Kids: “Moody” Self Portraits

1. Start with 9x12 white piece of paper 2. Draw either a circle, triangle or square in the upper right part of the paper (not all the way to the corner) 3. Draw echo lines or contour lines that follow the shape all the way to the edges of the paper. 3. Lay your hand down and trace it (I suggest getting your hand near the original shape) 4. Outline everything in sharpie

Monet Craft for Kids using your fingers, tempera paint, and masking tape...I love the idea of letting kids paint with their fingers, and appreciate the link to the original work of art included here. I also like the step by step directions, and the biography of the artist. What else could I possibly need?

1. Have the students start by drawing a horizon line, about 2" up from the bottom. Then the students draw a series of rectangles that are different heights, but share sides (buildings should look like they touch with no space between). 2. Starting at the

many colored hands project from art projects for kids...hmmmmm might make a really cool art auction classroom project too - have the kids do different graphic designs on each of their hands...

Symmetry. We love this delightful symmetry project. Thanks for posting it from Mrs. Judd's Games

Firework drawing at Art Projects for Kids.