crunchy green grapes, dip them in caramels melted with a little cream, then dip them in finely chopped, salted peanuts. So addicting. Like little tiny caramel apples....but better..

Need a quick and easy party appetizer? Use a toothpick to dip big, red grapes halfway into melted white chocolate. Then dip the bottom in crushed nuts (peanuts, cashews, whatever you have). Done, that's it. They taste just like caramel apples. Make a ton because they disappear quickly!

Caramel Apple Grapes that taste like caramel apples !!!!!! AMAZING!!!!!

These were a big hit at our party. So yummy and super easy to make.

Inside-out Caramel Apples #DIY #Food

DIY Caramel Apple Bar | 29 Caramel-Apple Snacks That Will Hold You Close

Marshmallows dipped in caramel,then chocolate

Mini Caramel Apples!

Strawberries Filled with ready-made cheesecake filling, delicious and easy when you need to bring something to a party...might try to drizzle mine with choc. or dip in crushed up gram crackers. Why have I never thought of this?! I like my cheesecake filling better than store bought though. - Click image to find more DIY & Crafts Pinterest pins

Meet Your New Lunch Box

Frozen Grape and Banana Skewers with Chocolate Drizzle...

Salted Caramel Pretzel Bark

Sin Dip - The perfect appetizer; great hot out of the oven or cold!

Pepperoni Chips: My low-carb crunchy snack. Great with Ranch Dip!

If you have leftover melted chocolate, spread it on waxed paper until hardened; chop and reserve for sprinkling on ice cream or frozen yogurt.

Cucumber Salad. Great side dish for only 50 calories! Ingredients 1 large cucumber 2 tsp coarse sea salt 1 Tbsp light sour cream 1 tsp finely chopped onion 1 tsp fresh dill, chopped 1 tsp vinegar 1 tsp sugar

Beer Dip is an addicting favorite that is perfect for game day, get togethers or just because you want some dip! #beerdip #gameday #appetizer

Snickers Caramel Apple Salad | AreaderZ

apple "nachos"