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neon matches

Neon matches that make the flame turn the color when you light them.for summer nights. I would have so much fun with these. even though every time I light a match I get a mini heart attack and im scared ill burn my fingers off

Great idea for purse

The Japanese sure know how to jazz up the norm. I think I would have a little too much fun if these soap tablets were a part of my life. Did I mention they’re pocket handy? cheers, amber arts,best,Crafts and cool ideas

Bridges Matches

Bridges Matches

match box inscribed with "may the bridges I burn light the way"

Rockin the neon socks & tennis shoes!!!! <3

Be Quirky

truth time: I used to wear bright socks and spray painted vans with lyrics written on them. Lesson: Dont spray paint your clothes, it makes them stiff:)

Japanese Floating Vase. This  unique vase blends in with the water ripples.

Awesome Products: Japanese floating vase looks like a ripple

Neon installation.   It's funny see how colors work, despite being flashy colors create a relaxed atmosphere.

Okay, it's an art installation by Martin Pfeifle, but why *couldn't* you do something like that in your hallway?

Customizable Bandaids. Cut bandaids to just the right size you need.   Really?

This concept Band-Aid machine will rid of this routinized shopping spree by allowing you to cut customized sizes of Band-Aids. Think of it like a tape dispenser, but for Band-Aids.

Neon Candy | Watch female fashion green mint candy neon color HARAJUKU the trend ...

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