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Essential Survival Skills and Tools - Imgur

Essential Survival Skills and Tools

How to Build a Cold Weather Survival Debris Hut- I have built one before with friends, they are extremely effective.If you backpack you should know how to build one of these!

#Survival #preps for when the lights go out #powergridfailure

How To Prepare Your Family For Power Grid Failure

Top 10 Weeds That Heal

10 common weeds that you find in your yard and how they can heal sicknesses, burns, sores and other ailments. - After checking this list, I've got SIX them growing around my yard and garden. It's nice to put a name to the plants.

How to tape up your hands before a fight If your character’s going to bandage their hands, it’s good to know to do it in real life.

I aint a police officer or dispatcher. But I am a transit dispatcher and I can say i recognize a few of these lol

Police codes infographic

This infographic has all police codes including APCO 10 codes, 11 codes, phonetic alphabet & more. View this police scanner code visual.


Everyone might find himself in emergency situation under water somehow, what's better than wearing a life ring on wrist? Once you pull the bracelet when you are in danger, the slim bracelet will rapidly expand to a life ring to keep you afloat

Good ideas for water storage & tips for showers, toilet waste, etc. read the comments below the article.

Living Without Running Water: An Emergency Water Storage Guide

Living without running water, a practical guide This lady lived for 2 days on her water storage. Here's what she learned.

For hikes, wilderness, camping or picnicing.

For all who are new to the US: learn how to identify Poison Ivy with its 3 leaves, be cautious when going for a walk or gardening, this plant is really bad. How to Identify Poison Ivy - Infographic

Not funny - but useful tips for dangerous situations that everyone should know!

Manly Skills for men

Some manly survival skills to improve your manliness. And your manly-man-manliness. Be a manly woman if you freaking feel like it, yo.

A Long-Term Survival Guide - Survival Cabins (this could be cataloged under homesteading, survivalist, or even DIY....so much amazing info!)

A Long-Term Survival Guide - Survival Cabins (this could be cataloged under homesteading, survivalist, or even DIY.so much amazing info!)I have always thought it would 've cool to build a cabin

please excuse me dying people in the parking lot, I'm just trying to carry my groceries to my car during the end of the world....

Survival guide... Gas mask

Gas mask, Pocket Survival guide / love that he just , y'know , goes shopping - just marching on by those 3 people dying.