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TGIF'n. Today's vlog is up! Go give it a watchy watch if you want some Shiggity Biggity! What?

What do nerdy YouTubers do for fun? We have really competitive typing competitions. HA! Check out today's vlog. YOUTUBER TYPING TEST! [DAY 784 - 5.1.14]:

HAPPY HAPPY FRIDAY!! Here's today's vlog. Show it some love before you go do whatever you do with your weekend. =D

Birthday's are FUN! Check out today's vlog and eat some bisexual birthday cake!

I was vlogging naked in today's vlog for a hot minute. #NoOneWantsToSeeThat Hahahaha.

In today's vlog - you get to decide what's on Mike's socks.. and more! LOL

Watch today's vlog & leave your love in the comments! I share some truths andddddd I got a friggin' ELGATO of my own! Let the gaming videos begin, AGAIN! Watch here:

In today's vlog, we drink! As if that's any different from yesterday or the day before.... HAHAHA! #NationalBeerDay ENJOY!

Have you ever been to the pap smear theatre? Weird! Check out today's vlog!!

Today's vlog is up! Go watch it - there's skating, singing and lizard lesbians. What? Bye.