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James Cameron Adapting 'True Lies' For TV

True Lies - "Did you kill people?" "Yea, but they were all bad." LOVE this movie - just a great, fun movie with some great lines. - k.

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#Teen #Quotes Relatable post #2160 YUS! Especially the last one. Lol

relatable posts for teens | Teen #Quotes Relatable post #2160 YUS! Especially the last one. Lol ...

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19 Things People With A Lot Of Hair Will Recognize

Brush your hair they said. It'll help they said. | 19 Things Big-Haired People Will Recognize

Your promises were lies. Your words meant nothing. Your vows and I love yous meant less than nothing. You are a liar and a coward.

It's true.. If you listen to her speak you can hear the lies flying out of her pathological mouth! Like Nails on a chalkboard!

Lies I tell myself... <--- another one would be, "i'll remember that... no need to write it down..."

Never have I been so sure of this as after the humane society decided to take my brother's kennel down. So many lies put out there. Breaks my heart to hear people saying what a monster he is when they have no idea what really happened.

Oops, thanks DNC, the Cat's out of the bag now and this draws attention to Hillary's worst enemy in this election race, ... Herself!!!!

You're still deluding yourself, and trying to dupe everyone else. Keep diving deeper into your religious nut fervor, not only is it hysterical, I'll bet its driving your husband to drink MORE, wishing he could have been strong and chosen his path of happiness instead of hopelessness. Keep it up. You're a riot!!

Wicked/Hamilton crossover. That awkward moment when you realize Jefferson wears pink and Hamilton wears green<<<IT WAS MEANT TO BE

This man needs to resign, as does Lynch. This reeks of corruption. He has let the Clintons walk many other times. Once a registered Republican, but registered no more. Clear where his allegiance lies! Time to end the Clinton Crime Spree. Never Ever Hillary!