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eretzyisrael: “ Please share to expose the hypocrisy of those who desecrate the language of human rights to fight the the only country in the Middle East that stands for rights ”


Why? I had a 100 images thats why

Do you seriously believe God will judge someone for loving a person of the same sex, and not judge you for hating someone you have never even met? Makes me think

Double standards

We have a tendency to want the other person to be a finished product when we give ourselves the grace to evolve ~ TD Jakes

That is so sad and he should not be bullied seriously there are much much more impropriate than that shirt  an he worked very hard on the comet Landing thing you should be thanking him and not bullying him

Funny pictures about He Deserves Better Than This. Oh, and cool pics about He Deserves Better Than This. Also, He Deserves Better Than This photos.

My only gripe: Why the hell is he shown as darker than she is? I hope the idea is that he's an archetypal white, tanned dudebro, and not that he's a HORRIBLE guy of color picking on some POOR, POOR white girl.

Double standards

Don't be such a douche! If you have a problem with hair, opt for InstaSculpt's Laser Hair Removal Therapy to remove it and get smooth skin.

Double standards are SO you. Perhaps if you weren't such a close-minded jerk, you would see what a hypocrite you really are.

Reacting on assumptions and ending friendships on them, I will never understand. But, usually those people have the track records of friendship problems, it's their own insecurities that hurt them.