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What I learned about Relationships from My Cab Driver- #relationships #blogs #communication #trust #respect

Income Report + Traffic Report from September

Income Report September - how I tripled my blog traffic and made $1862.49 in one month

10 things I do every day to grow my blog + biz ( + FREE Checklist

Running a blog + business is a constant work. I have a huge checklist of things I do daily in order to grow Kotryna Bass Blog + Design and during the years I figured out what I need to focus on every single day. Even though I also have monthly, quarterly or even yearly tasks I set for myself, I believe in the importance of a daily work, click through to find out what are 10 things I do every day to grow my blog + biz.

Blog Income And Traffic Report for Month Three -

This is a detailed overview of my blog traffic report for my third month as a blogger. I love posting my blog traffic report to help inspire new bloggers like myself to keep going. This month I made some great progress with my blog and I hope it helps inspire you! Click through to my blog to have a look!

How I Create Graphics for My Blog & Business

I'm frequently asked how I create graphics for my blog posts, design printables and planners for the Library, and come up with colorful buttons to my sidebar. I'll let you in on a little secret: I design them all through software programs included in my Adobe Creative Cloud subscription. Although I've been taught how to use these programs and I've had years of practice, I believe that learning and working with programs like Photoshop and Illustrator puts business owners and bloggers at…

How I Increased my Blog’s Income by Over $1500 per Month

How I increased my blog’s income by over $1500 per month to generate a steady monthly income without relying solely on advertisements.

How I Made $12,000 Last Month From My Blog + Business

How I Made $12,000 Last Month From My Blog + Business | I'm sharing my income report, and the tools and tips that have helped me earn $10,000+ every month in 2015 from my blog and online business. This post is perfect for bloggers, freelancers, and creative entrepreneurs who want to make money online. Let's do this!