25 reasons women make emotional decisions Hemingway. Maybe the only quote I could ever see myself having for a tattoo. We are all broken...thats how the light gets in.

I'd have done that too!

Best idea for a memorial tattoo ever. I have cards with "your every loving mother" written in them, I love this spelling/word mistake that she would always make, I think it says more than your "ever" loving mother :) Missing Mum xxx

I Could Let You Out You Know or Prayer for Freedom, giclee print of ink and acrylic drawing on vintage book page by Rowena Murillo 5/50

If I ever got a feather tattoo, this would be what it would look like...I Could Let You Out You Know or Prayer for Freedom by rowenamurillo,

Fall Back In Love With Yourself With These 17 POWERFUL Quotes

No one is perfect, folks. Good grief, I'm the most flawed person imaginable, however knowing that I am fearfully and wonderfully made helps me to fall in love with myself more everyday. It is only when we love ourselves that we can truly love others. <3 (:

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