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    ULTIMATE MEAL MEASURE 1 Food Portion Control Plate Weight Loss Watchers Tool

  • Christine Christine

    The Meal Measure --- As seen on TV, it helps you measure and control portion sizes when serving food directly onto your plate. It’s dishwasher safe too. (I have something similar, a large plastic dinner plate with portion control measuring bowls pushed into it. Just seems like a slightly better idea, because you only get one thing dirty instead of two.) You can purchase this on

  • Lifestyle Riches

    Portion control tips - How do you make sure you are eating enough and not too much? This tool is awesome. I also buy the segmented plates. What fits in there is within the control limits. Discover how CROSSFIT fanatics are making up to $1,650 a day online using this system: #portioncontrol #portioncontrolproblems #portioncontrolissues

  • Marci Harris

    Portion control plate, good idea for people trying to maintain a healthy diet. You can eat the healthiest food ever but it won't do anything if your eating too much!

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