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  • Susha Menon

    A Deluge of Color – Watercolor Paintings by Marc Allante - Painter Marc Allante portfolio is a collection of colorful watercolor paintings literally dripping with color. His subjects are usually silhouettes riding a wave of color or taking shelter under an umbrella from a colorful deluge

  • Cj Seals

    Inspiration for Silhouette Melted Crayon Art. Stunning Ink Paintings by Marc Allante. Marc is an independent, self taught artist of Chinese and French descent based in Hong Kong.

  • Stacey Pederson

    Colorful Dripping Wet Ink Drawings by Marc Allante. Painters tape onto bottom rectangle-place silhouette of choice on that part of canvas, fill balloons with paint, pop with a dart...

  • Hannah Anderson

    Marc Allante art DIY ? Colorful Dripping Wet Ink Drawings Made with colored inks. The girl, umbrella and ground are stencils. Cover the stencilled area with tape (low tack) and then splatter inks or watered down paints onto the canvas and allow the paints to dribble down the canvas as if colored rain. This would make a wonderful gift for someone who likes art. Also can do this with melting crayons craft

  • Echo Chow

    Pour Deux Art Print by Marc Allante… love the use of simple technique and the silhouette

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A boy in my class a couple years ago gave these as little Valentines made out of melted crayons. He said, "For Crayon Out Loud, Happy Valentine's Day"... could also say, "You COLOR my world!" Use silicone cups to melt them in. baha love it<--- so cute, I have to remember this for dusty!!

Colorful Dripping Wet Ink Drawings by Marc Allante

A sweet preschooler in my class made me a melted crayola art, something like this for my last day at work. I will have to do this with my girls before their school starts.

“Because there's nothing more beautiful than the way the ocean refuses to stop kissing the shoreline, no matter how many times it's sent away.”

Fun Do It Yourself Craft Ideas – 34 Pics

Different way of doing melted crayon art: Place crayons in a pattern or 'drawing' and then melt for more interesting shapes instead of the usual drip * need to do this with the kids *