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    How to make your own earthing device for super cheap!

    INFLAMMAGING: Exploring the Connection between Aging and Inflammation

    Earthing: Health Implications of Reconnecting the Human Body to the Earth's Surface Electrons

    nova resonator pendants

    Home EMF Protection System


    Our stylish leather lacing option provides a bohemian look for our Earth Runners. Earthing sandals.

    Rouleaux Effect: 2 Red blood cell samples of 3 patients. L column (BEFORE) show RBC clumping before grounding. R column (AFTER) shows each patient's blood cells after 40 minutes of grounding.

    When you take your shoes off and make direct contact with the earth the earth magnetic field is able to be transmitted through your body because it is a good conductor of electric current and we have a lesser charge than the earth does. Electrons flow to the path of least resistance. This protective EMF from the Earth pushes the 350 volt charge about 3 feet above your head to offer you protection from Environmental sources of EMF like UV light and cosmic radiation.

    Get Outside Infographic.

    The Health Benefits of Grounding (Earthing)

    Can Earthing Help Adrenal Fatigue?

    Our blog "Come To Your Senses Through Grounding" got selected on GMI provides free, convenient access to current biomedical research on therapeutic values of natural substances in disease prevention and treatment.

    Earthing explained by Dr. Sinatra: co-author of the book Earthing.

    Earthing: A simple (and free) way to reduce pain and inflammation.

    Earthing - I have certainly slept better since I got an earthing sheet

    Wearing socks AND #earthing footwear?! Answers about staying grounding during the winter from intuition physician.

    Normalize you circadian rhythms by earthing regularly.

    Earthing or grounding helps improve heart rate variability, cortisol dynamics, blood viscosity, and sleep, and reduces stress effects and risk of inflammation.

    How to Strengthen Your (Bare, Flat) Feet

    Reconnect with nature and normalize your biological clocks, hormonal cycles and physiological rhythms. #Earthing #Barefoot

    Earth’s magnetic flux changes throughout the day, make sure to connect to the natural rhythms of the environment by getting #grounded & #earthing #barefoot

    "The sole of the foot is richly covered with some 1,300 nerve endings per square inch." -Dr. Rossi (podiatrist) Why So Many Nerve Endings? To keep us 'in touch' with the Earth. The real physical world around us. It's called 'sensory respon se.' The foot is the vital link between the person and the Earth. Dr. Rossi refers to the foot "as a kind of radar-sonic base." (From the book Earthing by Clinton Ober) #TapIntoYourTrueNature #GetGrounded

    Earthing on National TV! Check out this PBS special from the Healing Quest Series, supported by Radiant Life.

    Earthing Sheets: Your way back to the deep sleep nature designed