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pillsbury dough boy dies...

Dough Boy

19 People Who Are Having A Way Worse Day Than You (DIED laughing)

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So funny could stop laughing. R.I.P. Pillsbury Dough Boy

Cookie Monster Stranded with Pillsbury Dough Boy on a Desert island. #funny #lol

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Despicable Me Minions

You’ll love these clean church jokes I found in my email. I’m sure they’ve been floating around the Internet for a while, but several were new to me. I’m not always a fan of...

Ok, so the very first time I ever saw this I laughed so hard because I read the whole "thought it said two CUPS" things and seriously laughed for ten minutes because how could someone be that stupid? Then my mom came in to ask why I was laughing so hard and I showed her and she joined me in laughing so hard we were both crying.

Pillsbury Dough Boy~Ideal Man~1996 VINTAGE T Shirt

Pillsbury dough boy

Gotta teach my son this

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Nothing. Absolutely nothing.

No, you're right: let's do it the dumbest fucking way possible because it's easier for you. This is my life lately...


Hahaha!!! This seriously could not be more true

I'm pretty sure I was supposed to be a princess. No, seriously. Someone better fix this shit.

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