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Enter Cadsuane: Revealing New Wheel of Time Art for Crown of Swords Trade Paperback |

Robert Jordan - Wheel of Time Art :: Seamas Gallagher, artist :: Birgitte Trahelion

Robert Jordan - author of the Wheel of Time series.

WOT Fan Art; Moiraine Damodred, Aes Sedai of the Blue Ajah, Herald of the Dragon via Gitara Moroso Sedai

A Wheel of Time Wikifrom A Wheel of Time Wiki

El'Nynaeve ti al'Meara Mandragoran

Who would have thought she would become one of my favorite female characters? Robert Jordan - Wheel of Time Art :: Jeremy Saliba, artist :: Nyneave

Aes Sedai Great Serpent Ring from Robert Jordan's Wheel of Time - Officially Licensed Jewelry This site has jewelry from Wheel of Time, Lord of the Rings, etc..