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Loki ~ That look!!

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Proper British Shock - You like Thor better!? HOW COULD THAT EVEN BE POSSSIBLE?!

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"Via Tumblr- never-comply-forever-defy: This pose is telling in itself. Has no one ever wondered why, in Loki’s first appearance in The Avengers, he was kneeling? It wasn’t made to look ‘cool’, this is not the typical ‘power stance’ of most villains. It is subservient, and used to show deference to a higher power. From the very beginning, Loki was already showing that he was not in control.

"-Prince Charming: smiles like THIS (I like that we're comparing Loki to Prince Charming.)- Crap, that's one of the most beautiful smiles I've ever seen. O_O And he's not Prince Charming, he's Mr. Tall-Dark-and-Handsome."

ORIGINAL PINNER: All I can hear is Loki's little baby voice from the top picture saying, "I wuv you bwufer." AND NOW: all I can hear is Loki yelling "Thor, you big oaf!!! You put me down right this instant!!! I said put me down!!!" "No dear brother, I cannot do that. I must escort you back to Asgard. Now stop squirming."

“It was mostly leather and metal – that’s how we like it in Asgard. *winks* The heavier, the better.” -Tom Hiddleston

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♥♥♥♥ Thor 2 - One of the better superhero movies. Thoroughly enjoyed and lots of eye candy for the girls

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A Shanghai Movie Theater Is Using A Very, Uh, "Romantic" Fanmade Photoshop To Advertise "Thor 2"

Shanghai movie theater accidentally uses a photoshopped fan-made photo as the official poster for Thor 2. Oh my god!!

So, we're supposed to believe that Loki, the master schemer, just "forgot" his scepter at Stark Tower.

Ahhhhhh, was there ever any doubt!!!!!!!! - - - Chris Hemsworth. Super hot in Thor - The Dark World.

Waaaghlarahgh... I like Thor. I love Thor. He's my favorite Avenger. Heck, favorite superhero. But I spent this ENTIRE MOVIE caring about nothing but Loki. What have you done to me, Tom Hiddleston?