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  • Charnelle

    I might be seeing the new Thor movie this weekend! hah!:O CHRIS HEMSWORTH!!!!!! mannn....:)


    Tom Hiddleston (Loki) and Chris Hemsworth (Thor) on the film set of 'The Avengers'

  • Geraldine

    Chris and Tom in Central Park shooting The Avengers

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Thorki moment! So cute!

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  • nikki

    I do!! And my friends are pretty sure that I am like, loki's sister, but all my friends are guys!!

  • Alanna Cooley

    I hav some guy friends but not a lot. My friends r mostly girls but im not lik other girls tht dont lik the things i lik. I lik guy stuff and girl stuff but im glad to b lik tht

  • nikki

    I only have one girl friend and 24 guy friends

  • Luisa Balbi

    It's hard being a fangirl who's going to make Avenger fancomics in the near future. Why, you ask? Because sitting down to draw unbelievably gorgeous and fantastically nice and humble Tom Hiddleston from references and posts like these...Well, I'll have to have self-control enough not to stare at him so I can sketch properly. I'm such a loser for this man.

  • nikki

    Me too

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"This is either a behind-the-scenes shot of Tom, or it's Loki waiting for his bloodstained suit jacket at the drycleaners." - repinning for GENIUS comment :)

Avenger photoshoot. Tom Hiddeston as "Loki" (credit on image)

Proper British Shock - You like Thor better!? HOW COULD THAT EVEN BE POSSSIBLE?!

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NO! .... don't you give me that smile... alright FINE.

Tom Hiddleson on the versions of Loki in "Thor", "The Avengers", and "Thor: The Dark World"

  • Jewinkle

    That is true.

  • Peetey897

    Virginie Monette Hamel If you're talking about the lip on the first loki pic, that's an error in the pic, not on Tom's face :-)

  • Abigail V

    he wasn't very attractive in the first one...

  • Peetey897

    I strongly disagree, but to each her own :-)

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I would totally be like this... I'd be worse if it were Tom Hiddleston.