The multiple strands of pearls fall in such a way as to imitate and compliment her jawline.  The hair is classic and the waist is emphasized with a sweet bow.

A huge collection of pictures of fashion icon, Jackie Bouvier Kennedy Onassis, wife of JFK and Ari Onassis, she was one of history's more stylish women.


Jacqueline Kennedy in her gorgeous leopard coat. I hate that leopard print has such a sleazy, Vegas vibe much of the time, because used judiciously it's beautiful and totally classic.

Femulate: July 2015

Jackie Kennedy Onassis Is A Style Icon . Here Are 85 Reasons Why (PHOTOS) vintage fashion style color photo print ad white sheath dress found photo street flat shoes summer casual cool

Anche Jackie Kennedy subì il fascino di questi pantaloni

Jackie Kennedy--the ultimate style Idol. Her housekeeper said she had 40 pairs of white pants hanging in her closet.

Jackie Kennedy

First Lady Jacqueline Kennedy wearing coral silk dress (by Oleg Cassini) and three-stranded pearls during visit with the Maharaj of Mewar (L). Location: Udaipur, India Date taken: March 1962 Photographer: Art Rickerby

“Coco” Chanel revolutionised the fashion world, introducing simply-cut, practical, stylish clothes.  The House of Chanel is credited with the Chanel suit – a boxy, tailored skirt suit. It’s also said to be where the “little black dress” originated – the elegant wardrobe staple that is the antithesis of the fussy, frilly “New Look” by Dior which became Chanel’s top competition in the 1950s.

Coco Chanel- more than just a fashion icon, she made progress in the women's suffrage through her clothes "A girl should be two things: classy and fabulous.

Is it kinda sad that I know the exact season and episode this was?!? Lol when Carrie was engaged to Aiden...there's her engagement ring around her neck

Luscious accessories: Pair it with pearls

top knot - neckless - pink dress --- Sarah Jessica Parker - SATC - Carrie Bradshaw - set - sex and the city


How cute are these piped, pleated, swimsuits! Of course with matching wide-brimmed straw hats. Dior bathing suits, circa theniftyfifties: Lovely Dior bathing suits, Photo by Henry Clarke.

Jackie O!.... but I would have to change the shoes to black ballet flats if I intend to even stand up.....;-)

Winter Workplace - I would SOOOO totally wear this outfit.this screams Audrey Hepburn to me.

Love the back bow. 1950s

Luscious loves: Vintage fashion photographer Karen Radkai

Vogue May 1956 - Model Anne St Marie Photo by Karen Radkai / Conde Nast Archive. The dress is beautiful - the hat's gotta go!