Glow Sticks

Glow stick Valentine's

valentine using a glow stick

glow sticks

Glow sticks

Glow sticks in boys love glow sticks!!

Glow jars with glow sticks

Glow sticks

Glowing pasta necklaces- my daughter had so much fun making these! There are lots of other fun ways to use the glowing pasta too

Glow Stick Rings

Glow Stick Lantern

Latex gloves with glow sticks!!

Glow sticks in the pool, great for night swimming- so doing this in the summer

homemade glow sticks!!

Glow in the dark slime

Glow in dark slime

DIY felt stick horses// for kids//

fun idea!


Instead of candles use glow sticks! Ninja turtles!!

Cool idea - use glow sticks for the stick on fairy floss.