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What's up! trouvaillesdujour: Asia meets Paris elegance at Shangri-La Hotel, Paris SHADE OF BLUEEE

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Floors and molding.

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black and gold

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antique French tie backs

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Vintage oversized mirrors


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Old world art wall, midcentury modern chair. Love this combo but FYI do not hang expensive art or frames over a steam radiator!

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turquoise rotary phone.

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Pink Jade

Indian homes. Indian decor. Traditional indian interiors. Ethnic decor. Indian architecture. Interior design india. Carved indian furniture. Contemporary indian design. Architect India.

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wall color

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Antique Grey



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Pale pink walls are not an obvious choice for lounge rooms, however I find this beautiful against the grey floor tiles. #pinkwalls # floortiles #loungeroom

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great wallpaper

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French boiserie...

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Brocade Pillows

the dark chocolate and champagne colored velvet bedding ... romantic. The blankets look so soft!! This looks like Bella Notte linens.

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Etsyfrom Etsy

Primitive Antique Style Wooden Spoon Rack

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Wooden Wood

Wooden spoon rack