Lol. yes! All the time. One time I was at a play rehearsal and the teacher for the club was instructing us and she kept saying direction so my friends were laughing and staring pointedly at me cuz I was like :D.

funny but true <3

Is it bad I just saw Niall and automatically pinned it without looking at the top

LLN!..... Hmmm... Ya well ... The thing is..... That ummm..... I ALREADY DO Now that's a true #directioner

True ✌

Haha this is true

Omg so true like I can't even anymore

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Literally do all the time!!!

I watched this like 40 times

So true :) haha

me like all the time

One Direction funny

oh my god can't breathe one direction in sports shirts... No, can't function, my life it's coming to an end.... Goodbye world... Dead.

Niall laughs at everything aha xx<<< I laugh at everything too :P

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