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first flip. inbetween. starting to look & feel like a home. new deck & new windows. #noraalan #flipping #flippinghouses #flippinghomes #realestate

beauty is in many sizes. Be who God made you, do not force a size an unhealthy, unhappy size 6 when you are a healthy, happy, beautiful fuller size. Not to say I don't need to lose weight, (currently a 15/16, hoping for a 10-12 size) but I would much rather look like the right photo than be starving and grouchy on the left!

How my #brain #works ~ like a #LightSwitch: utterly #obsessed or #uninterested … #NoMiddleGround

XD YES. One of my favorite things about it. There were some really dark parts to this show. o.O Why does no one talk about how flipping dark and gory this show was?