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Brand recognition. Have you been stuck wondering how to build brand recognition for your business? More and more entrepreneurs want to know what is it they have to do to get some dang attention to themselves & business in order to make that ‘splash’. Let’s talk about some unique steps you can take to begin building a legacy off of brand recognition that not only lasts, but it makes a true and lasting impact in the marketplace. Building Your

Have you been searching for how to build brand recognition for your business? Why wouldn’t you? After all, you invested money into your business; you’ve invested your time to learn new skills on how to sell and market your business, so it would make sense to learn what you can do to build your brand. But you don’t want just a brand. You want something different, something unique. You want a brand with integrity; a brand that lasts, speaks

Have you been looking for a way to keep your blog readers and your YouTube™ viewers connected together to build a long-lasting and loyal following? Whether you use your blog as a personal hobby or to brand your business online, learning how to add your Youtube channel widget onto your site will help you drive more traffic, build up your subscribers, grow your email list and potentially increase your sales as well. Granted, the idea sounds compl

Social Media. Everyone knows about it and over 74% of all adults use it. But when it comes to leveraging social media for making sales, not many people are aware of the small aspects that can end up making the hugest impact. In the South we have a saying the devil s in the details , and with more and more entrepreneurs relying on social media to expand awareness of their brand, get more leads and boost their sales, it s important to know what d

Let’s talk about how to create a brand identity. As an entrepreneur, having a brand is what distinguishes you from your competitors. Whether you’re a giant corporation, like Apple, or you’re rockin’ your business solo as a direct sales rep within a company, brands are what separates the average from the extraordinary. When it comes to creating a brand identity, the first step is in knowing; knowing what a brand identity is as well as why

Be honest: how well do you really understand the financial structure of your business? I have a major confession to make: when it came time to the financial structure side of my business, I had no idea what the heck I was doing. Not for the longest time. I would hear tons of information and (mostly) unsolicited advice from people who were not only less financially-free than I but were offering business-related financial advice when they’ve n

Warning: if you ve been hearing about the Unstoppable Dream product and you still haven t gotten a copy of it for yourself, you could be costing yourself hundreds if not thousands of dollars every year! I remember it like it was yesterday: I was chatting excitedly with my fiancé, Brandon, about the idea he had brought to life in my head. The idea that I could go from being a private nanny to owning my own business my very own cupcake shop. Befor

What makes a great coach? credibility, creativity in solving problems, effectiveness in communication, as well as "an understanding that the details create success" — that small things usually make the difference between good and great. ― Atul Gawande How you do you know if you need a coach? This is one of the most asked questions that business owners and entrepreneurs ask themselves. Whether you are starting out in business for the first

How would you like to captivate and capture more of the readers who visit your blog? What if you could make your blog posts so sexy and attractive that those readers became paying customers? After all, that’s the end goal isn’t it to have your blog generate revenue for your business? Good news for you is that by the time you walk away from this post, you’ll know exactly how you can captivate & capture using a static front page, what to pay