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My Ceramic Creations

Here is every kurinuki teacup I have ever made. I haven't sold the kurinuki pots partly because I am attached to them and it's nice to see such a collection of work and partly because i believe it's important to make work that's not for sale. Kurinuki is a slow, thoughtful, meditative process. Anybody can do it and it requires very little in the way of tools. It's like making a little jewel which only one of exists in this life of same same. I will be teaching a workshop this Sunday at my…

The artist says that these handmade ceramic creations tell stories… I believe her. “My work tends to be small and mysterious – even to me. In an effort to understand my work better I started to ask the things I made what they were about. When I sat with them very quietly, and listened, I could hear that they had things to say – these are their (smallest) stories.”

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