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Lay down a thick layer of CARDBOARD in your raised garden beds to kill the grass. It is perfectly safe to use and will fully decompose, but not before killing any grass below it. They’ll also provide compost and food for worms.

Hot Compost – Composting in 18 Days In contrast, cold composting does not destroy seeds, so if you cold compost weeds, any weed seeds will grow when you put the compost into the garden.

Compost Tea - make your veggies, fruits, plants, trees and flowers grow stronger and healthier - great to reserve a bit of your compost to make this regularly and treat everything!

How to grow ginger in a patio container. Such a cool article. I'll never have to buy ginger at a store again.

This is a MUST READ for anyone growing tomatoes. There's LOTS of science behind this planting plan that makes super healthy plants. Links give even more advice/ with pictures.

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Tomatoes and their need for water

The secret to growing a bumper tomato crop!

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This family produces 6,000 pounds of food per year on 4,000 square feet of land

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