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  • Michelle Ashley

    "hangry": my family gets this way So true!

  • Michelle Rubenstein

    I feel this way all the time! Also when I ate and I am mad at the food I just ate, cookie dough bon bon's, Jessica what are you doing to me?? I think that should qualify as Hangry.

  • Crystal Wilson

    hangry: a state of anger caused by lack of food (i'm def no fun when i'm hangry!) This is funny, i thought this only used with my Family!

  • Lissa Weston

    Hahaha so true, story of my life. I NEED food.

  • Tereza Buzdon actually has a name now! My sister and i both suffer from this we thought it was a family thing! HANGRY CUSHION decorative pillow hunger plus by mybeardedpigeon

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