• Trisha :)

    Isaac's Live Lip-Dub Proposal: This is a totally fantastic marriage proposal!!! If you don't feel happy after watching this you have something wrong with you!!! ENjoy! :) #fun #marriage #proposal #lipdub #dancing #video #enagagment

  • Amberly Hastings

    A must watch!! So sweet!! Isaac's Live Lip-Dub Proposal, via YouTube. BEST proposal video by far!

  • Leslie Dickson

    Latest YouTube Viral Video! Online Hit Sensation! Isaac's Live Lip-Dub Marriage Proposal (set to Bruno Mars)

  • Tosha Frye

    Take 6 minutes and watch this "live lip dub proposal." Warning: you WILL cry from happiness.

  • Tanisha Ghura

    Isaac's Live Lip-Dub Proposal - The CUTEST proposal ever! Can't stop watching!

  • Brandi Gillespie

    live lip dub marriage proposal, set to bruno mars' "marry you" hands down, no competition, best proposal ever

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Proposal at a Christmas tree farm. this is beyond

I think i just died a little bit.

Only 5 rules: 1) Ask for my parents blessing. 2) Make it a complete surprise. 3) use my full name 4) Get down on one knee. 5.) Have somebody catch it on camera. :)

If you know your girl is a little picky, and will probably want to be in on the whole diamond buying part... try proposing with this love letter ring FIRST and then she can pick out her own engagement ring

Note to all men: plan a secret photographer. Girls want pictures of that moment.

Musical Engagement Ring Box

Pokemon engagement ring box

Tinkerbell engagement ring box by ~artmik on deviantART

"Up" engagement ring box. I would truly be too happy to function if Ethan ever gave me the box (even without the ring). it's perfect!!! haha

This Wall-E engagement ring box | "Would you be the Eva to my Wall-E?" "YES YES YES"...only one person I know would get this and love it like I do.

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awesome ring box--when you open it it plays video or pictures of your choosing to go along with the event. Wouldn't this be the coolest engagement ring box?!

Proposal Engagement Ring Box. $14.50, via Etsy.

Harry Potter / Warner Bros Studio Tour. Hogwarts gates Where I want to be proposed to.


The most amazing Disney proposal ever!! 1. I love how at first she was all concerned about missing Harry Potter:) 2. this is without a doubt my dream engagement process. 3. I have high expectations for my engagement now:)

My now fiancé proposed to me by cutting out a square in the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows book and pinning the ring inside it with the book opening to the chapter entitles The Wedding!! It was the most amazing proposal ever!! Perfect and so creative! He knows me so well :)

if someone proposed to me like this there would be no way I could say no lol digitallife.today...

"Up" engagement ring box. omg so cute

But really!