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creek indian woman

creek indians -

Assiniboine Indians at Fort Belknap, Montana, 1899

Kiowa Girl, Indian Portrait by Edward Curtis

American Indians surviving winter.

History of the Cherokee Indians and their legend Cherokee on my mom's side, thanks great grandma and great great grandma

american indian teepee

Crow Mother and Child. Photo taken in 1908 by Edward S. Curtis.

Four young Hopi Indian women grinding grain. Photographed by Edward Curtis in 1906.

Indian Tom saved three pioneer children during the King County War of 1855/1856, near Brannan Park, c. 1914. He took them down the river to another Indian who took them to Seattle

The original territory of the Five "Civilized" Tribes that were forced to move to "Indian Territory" (now known as Oklahoma), along with many other tribes. The Cherokees, Creeks, Choctaws, Chickasaws and Seminoles.

Indian Mother. 1916 by Harris & Ewing.

Her Know, Dakota Sioux, by Heyn Photo, 1899

Sarah Winnemucca (1844 – 1891) was a prominent female Native American activist and educator, and an influential figure in the United States' nineteenth-century Indian policies. Winnemucca was notable for being the first Native American woman known to secure a copyright and to publish in the English language. Sarah was a person of two worlds. At the time of her birth her people had only very limited contact with Euro-Americans; however she spent much of her adult life in white society.......W...

Muskogee/Creek Queen Ella Monohwee - her family came to Oklahoma from South Georgia via the Trail of Tears ... Part of the Federal Government's theft of the Native American Lands, 1838 and 1839, as part of Andrew Jackson's Indian removal policy. Faces of Your Ancient Blood. Honor those before - live like a royal princess ... raise daughters to be strong queens!

we do not inherit the earth from our ancestors - we borrow it from our children ....Native American Indian saying

Three Horses, Native American, photographed by Edward Curtis in 1905. Three Horses, head-and-shoulders portrait, facing front, wearing headdress.

Creek Indian Dress. Just beautiful! My g-grandmother was full-blooded Creek Indian. I would have to have loved to have known her and been able to listen to her life stories.