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crazy quilting link is wrong but I love this chart and the site has some amazing things.

My grandma used all these and more crazy quilt stitches. She was an incredible quilter!

Stitches by Cass Can Sew

i think i'm becoming a bit obsessed with this simple embroidery (yup, simple? let's see if i actually DO this.)

Feather stitch. The fish are hilarious... still chuckling ... would make a great patch on my crazy quilt

(1)Two rows of HERRINGBONE. Work the rows with generous spacing to allow a five petal flower to sit in the center. The two lower petals are worked in TRIPLE CHAIN. Floral sprigs in STEM STITCH or WHIPPED STEM with DETACHED CHAIN leaves and FRENCH KNOTS or beads for the flowers. by Sharon Boggon

Trimming Feather Stitch + Many others here - (04.22.14)

Cross Stitch - Tutorial ❥ 4U // hf