Bee Hive Cupcake

Adorable beehive cupcake -- The detailing on this cupcake is amazing and the bees are so cute!

a cupcake cupcake!! love |

Cute Cupcake with Baking tray of mini cupcakes topper! How sweet? We totally love and had to share!

cute ornament option

Fake Cupcake With A Cherry On Top Sundae w/ Pink Striped Paper Straw I HEART Sundae Cupcakes Collection

Fake Cupcake With A Cherry On Top Sundae w/ Pink Striped Paper Straw - ok, so these are fake.but real ones would be delicious! - inspiration only - bjl

Christmas cup cakes...really like the green icing

Ideas for Christmas Cupcakes! Just bake your favourite recipe and top with any of these cute Christmas Ideas. Great inspiration for Christmas Cupcakes, great ideas!

Honey Bee and Hive Themed Cupcakes

Bumble Bee Beehive Cupcakes - these would be so cute for the Bumblebee class!

Decorating Butterfly Cupcakes

Lemon Butterfly Cakes: Lemon zest and candy butterfly wings are the keys to these cheery cupcakes by Bakerella. Click through to discover more easy decorating ideas for the best Easter cakes.

apple cupcakes

apple cupcakes Verdict: didn't use as much icing, so mine are a little flatter, but they're a cute back-to-school treat for my teacher friends :)

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Alice in Wonderland Cupcakes! I would LOVE an alice and wonderland party! Yes, I am 31 but I dont care. Its my favorite:)