Awesome idea!

touche, tooshie.

Role reversal... so cute! (can also give girls the guy's jackets and guys the girl's flowers!) @Mallory Perry girl pose

Picture idea for the Groom to get the morning of the wedding

I want pictures of the groom getting ready- yessss

Get bridesmaides to pose as they think groomsmen do and vise versa hahaha I love the men's poses!!!


Must Have Wedding Photos - Bride and Groom Wedding Pictures | Wedding Planning, Ideas & Etiquette | Bridal Guide Magazine

This is hands down the best wedding picture I've ever seen.

$78 kate spade say yes ''i do'' necklace this is SO cute!

This is pretty hilarious :)

love this pic

I hope I get a reaction like this with my future husband. So sweet!

Tips on how to pee in a wedding dress. Hilarious!

this is so awesome and so funny...

funny wedding pictures of the groom and his best man in their boxers

Wedding shoe game - DJ asks questions such as "who is the first to go to sleep at night". bride and groom raise shoe for who they think it is. SO FUNNY!

absolutely 100% in LOVE with this photo!

Love this picture.

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cute pic