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And I will never forget any of you or what you said or made me feel! I will never regret meeting you guys or even getting close to you, yes it may of hurt me more than ever in the end but you guys made me the person I am today and my memories with you all were some of the most unforgettable and best moments of my life and I want to thank you for that! I really hope one day I can talk to you guys agian! Love you all and miss you more than ever❤❤

21 quotes to help inspire self-love, and make it easier to see how wonderful you are and the beauty within yourself. Think about how not loving yourself is holding you back. When we choose actions that support our mental, physical and spiritual well-being, self-love can become a certainty. Click through to and begin the journey to love yourself. Pin it now to be inspired at any time.

30 Of The Most Inspirational Quotes Of All Time

Anger ! It can change who you are and turn you into somebody you yourself don't want to know.

Wu Tang Don't chase the silent treatment, it might be all the power they need to control you. Let them be, do your own thing, because a strong independent woman is not easily manipulated.. Exactly thats why i never chased but ALWAYS having them chase me..