lineman on pole porch art

Lineman ART Mailbox or Tree Silhouette - Plexiglass

lineman sign I need this!!!! Haha

Lineman kids room

$27.50 includes shipping! Every power lineman would enjoy receiving a silhouette of a lineman for his mailbox, trees in the yard, fence, at work, etc. The possibilities are endless! ENJOY and HAVE FUN with this!


Front porch idea ) This is the ladder outside the front door decorated for a July 4th curb appeal.

The Lineman's Prayer.


Alaskan Sweatpants

Things to do this summer: burn dandelions. They burn all different colors!

Love my Lineman!! <3

I want my own tin man for the garden ~ love this

Lineman home sign

I pray for safety for my lineman son everyday he is on the job. Amen

We have some of the best prices around for lineman themed, beautiful, jewelry for line wives and ladies who love power linemen! $11.00 and up.

Keep our lineman safe!

my lineman ❤

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