Jennifer Nicole Lee wears all white for workout in South Beach park - My Face Hunter

jennifer-nicole-lee-5 from over weight mom of 2 to fitness model doing her 1000 calorie burning workout!

Get tight abs (and a rockin' body) with these workout moves from Anna Kournikova

Jennifer Nicole Lee... is one of the world's most accomplished fitness models who happens to also have launched a career as an actress and author as well. She is perhaps best known for losing over 70 pounds,

How Jennifer Nicole Lee went from 200lbs to a sizzling hot bikini babe | Mail Online

Jennifer Nicole Lee.

Wear your favorite workout clothes to workout. when you look good, you'll feel good.

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Showing off her own lethal weapons: Jennifer Nicole Lee was showing off her impressive shape as she worked out in Miami

Top 10 Female Fitness Models (most seem very trashy but some are inspirational!)

Kettlebell Fat Burning Workout

Great outfit

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Drop it like a squat. Hah!

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What an inspiration, if she can do it we all can. Google Jennifer Nicole Lee 'JNL's' story.

Great treadmill workouts: burn 2,000 calories. For winter! AHHH GIRL LOOK AT THAT BODY! I WORK OUT!!

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