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Here's a close-up shot of The Bohack Restaurant located at Flushing Avenue and Metropolitan Avenue also known as Bohack Square, Ridgewood, Queens.

Materials Needed: 1/8″ Foamcore, Box Cutter and Exacto, Poster Board, Free Printable template (download here), scotch tape, packing tape, ruler, string of lights (take the box apart for the circle template), spray paint.

Bohack's - used to shop here with Grandma. She'd "get an order" and I'd help her wheel it back home in her wire shopping cart

when i was a kid there was a bohack supermarket around the corner from our house. Before that it was a packers, then bohack, then pioneer, then c town , then a flea market, then a diner followed by a rite aid which is what it still is today.--from long island places that are no more