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Benefit: I love pennyboarding Cost: Hard to find in Indonesia

penny boards! just got a bright yellow one for my birthday and i'm (finally!) learning to ride. it's been something i've wanted to do for years, and it is waaaay too much fun! if i can't be surfing the waves in ecuador, i can at least be surfing the streets here in canada. love it!

skateboard - Green & Purple penny board! These things are so much fun!:)

Kick, push. Penny board pink yellow blue green converse awesome skateboard longboard skate fun summer

Pink Penny board.You can buy this at Local surf shop...;-) I want a PENNY Board so BAD💓

It's not surf but...I wanna get on my penny board again!

I know these aren't long boards but I think they're pretty. :)

penny board, these are pretty neat skate boards. looks like it would be fun for cruising!

Brittany Ryan by Jared Thomas

Penny Skateboard - Floral omg I love this one I'm gonna ask my dad if I can order it on amazon 😆