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Pass it on please.

Anti-rape culture posters - Men can stop rape! <<< don't forget women can rape too. It's not that common, but it happens.

Be an effective bystander. #UCC

// Another great rape prevention poster. =) I love the "Where do you Stand" Campaign.it's "Men preventing sexism and sexual assault"

Mindy Kaling - self-esteem - confidence - sexism - media sexism - misogyny

Mindy Kaling - self-esteem - confidence - sexism - media sexism - misogyny

Louis tells it like it is

Louis C K stand up comedy women and dating "hi where are you going" "to your death statistically"

So what? some of us are "ugly" by societies "Standards." that doesn't make our opinions any less valid because we're not sexually appealing to you. People who say "Feminists are ugly" are part of the problem and the reason we're feminists. Our looks shouldn't be a measurement for how valid you think we are to exist.

And also, does not being conventionally pretty mean that our feelings and opinions are invalid?<<< people saying that about feminists is the reason why we need feminism because men still invalidate any of our points because of how we look.

This was the video that made me realize that I'm a feminist<< we were all born feminist, but we grow up differently.

Why I’m A Feminist -- Laci Green is one of my absolute favorite people ever.

Celebs shutting down sexist questions

19 celeb women who answered questions like total BOSSES

15 Times Women Delivered Intensely Satisfying Comebacks To Sexism: When Scarlett Johansson called out a reporter for asking questions about her underwear.

Sometimes tumblr activism is totally on point and not awful.

Sometimes tumblr activism is totally on point and not awful.

Feminism is for all genders not just women-- and in chime people saying "he should have liked it" -- this is why our patriarchy has messed up the world


John Galecki regarding rumors about him being gay. Very well said and mature. I've never really addressed those rumors, 'cause I always figured, why defend yourself against something that's not offensive? The Big Bang Theory.

feminist movement

"I need feminism. because it should not be 'heroic' or 'rare' for men to advocate for women's rights. It should be EXPECTED and as COMMON as breathing. Men and women can be feminists!