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Sobek And Horus This obelisk, standing near the entrance to the Kom Ombo Temple has illustrations of the two gods to which the temple is dedicated - Sobek, above; Horus, below. Sobek was a cult god in this area of Egypt, and it seems likely that this temple was erected here as nearby sand-banks were a favourite basking ground for crocodiles.

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Design Toscano Ancient Egypt God Horus Figurine

Ancient Egypt God Horus Figurine

The Greek Hermes found his analogue in Egypt as the ancient Wisdom God Thoth (sometimes spelled Thouth or Tahuti). This god was worshiped in his principal cult location, Chmun, known also as the "City of the Eight," called Greek Hermopolis. There is evidence that this location was a center for the worship of this deity at least as early as 3000 B.C HERMES/THOTH AND HERMETICISM throughout the Ages

Horus symbol. Horus was the son of the Great Goddess, Isis, conceived by his virgin mother after the death of her brother/husband Osiris. (She brought him back to life, and he ruled over the Underworld from then on.) Horus was considered the savior of mankind by the Egyptians, who interceded for them with the gods and Goddess.

The ankh, also known as key of life, was the ancient Egyptian hieroglyphic character that read “eternal life”. Egyptian gods are often portrayed carrying it by its loop, or bearing one in each hand, arms crossed over their chest.

EGYPT SCULPTURE 2ND-1ST MILL.BCE Block with relief of Nebnefer,overseer of the treasury of god Amon.Deposited in the temple of the crocodile- god Sobek.An elaborate rattle sacred to the cult of the goddess Hathor is carved on the front. Period of Amenhotep III. Black granite, H: 55,5 cm. Luxor J 136 Luxor Museum of Ancient Egyptian Art, Luxor, Egypt

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*EGYPT ~ The Egyptian God Horus on a pillar in the tomb of Tausert and Sethnakht. Valley of the kings

'Goddess supporting the sky at Dendera.' A goddess is supporting the sky with raised arms on the astronomical ceiling in the outer hypostyle hall of the Hathor Temple at Dendera. A winged sun disk hovers above it. Via Patty Flagler

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Falcon As Symbol Of Horus The God Of War In Temple Of Hathor Canvas Print / Canvas Art by Ruth Hager

Falcon as Symbol of Horus the God of War