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Dwight Schrute: Anti-Ladies Man /The Office / #TheOffice

For The Office/Dwight Schrute fans. "Schrute Farms. Beets working for a living." Or, "The Beets goes on." Or, "BeetMan! Nana nana nana nana, BeetMan!" Or, "Beet iiiiit, just beet iiiit." See more humor pins on Chuck's Stuff's 'Fun Stuff' board. Also see Chuck's Stuff's profile page and check out The Office board for items for sale. #dwightschrute #theoffice #schrutefarms

The fictional resume of Dwight Schrute | The Office | #TheOffice

This gutsy (but temporary setback) in Dwight and Angela's courtship: | The 17 Most Romantic Moments On "The Office"

You know what's even cooler than triceratops? Every other dinosaur that ever existed.