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Two soaked dogs, corgi & dachshund

corgi&dachshund: Photo

💟For our new friends who have not seen the puppy us.

Everything you want to know about Pembroke Welsh Corgis including grooming, training, health problems, history, adoption, finding good breeder and more.

Have you ever noticed that the Pembroke Welsh Corgi appears to sport saddle- or harness-like markings on its back? Based on Welsh folklore, the patterns were a gift from the fairies, who rode the low-slung dogs like horses.

I'm pinning again, I love it so.  Corgi nursing on a Doxie, adorable.

One of the cutest things I've ever seen. a mother Dachshund nursing a corgi puppy!

puppy Cardigan Welsh Corgi and dachshund

Picture of puppy Cardigan Welsh Corgi and dachshund stock photo, images and stock photography.

Do Pembroke Welsh Corgis shed? Yes, the Pembroke Welsh Corgis shed. They shed a lot when compared to other dogs and are considered heavy shedders.